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Funeral industry changes reflect culture

19 Feb 2013 9:26 AM | Anonymous
Even though Diane Dropsho worked as a hospice nurse for five years, the subject of cremation was too grim for her to discuss with anyone prior to the sudden death of her husband, Frank, from a stroke two years ago.

It’s a different story today. Dropsho, who had just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with Frank before he died, has strong memories of the hour she spent with his body just before it was cremated at Cress Funeral and Cremation Service’s Speedway Road location.

She remembers seeing him laying on a gurney covered with a gold-and-tan sheet as she said her final goodbye. “Just his head showed,” Dropsho said. “He looked like a king laying in state.”

When Dropsho heard that Cress recently built a bigger family gathering room outside its crematory in Middleton, Diane gave it a big thumbs-up. “I know families will appreciate it,” she said.

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